The Dirty Boot Diva Show

Hiking, backpacking, camping & more. Are you ready? Get out and get dirty!

May 4, 2020

 Dahlia The Dirty Boot Diva

Welcome to The Dirty Boot Diva Show

My name is Dahlia and I’m a self-proclaimed diva! I love fashion! I love shopping! I love primping! I love pampering! A few years ago, something was missing from my life and I began a journey that eventually led me to create Dirty Boot Diva. I'm reaching out to my diva sisters out there, specifically ages 40 and older, but everyone is welcome to come along. I learned it's never too late to start hiking, backpacking, camping and more. I'll share all of my hiking escapades that led up to my first attempt to thru-hike The Colorado Trail in 2019. I overcame countless obstacles, but didn't complete the 485-mile trek. (I intend to go back to finish what I started!) Until then, I hope to light a spark in like-minded ladies by offering tips, tricks and lessons I learned along the way. I hope you join me on this exciting journey and let me inspire the Dirty Boot Diva in you!

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